Artists Collaborate in Movies and Music

1cef40d3884db94bd3bef3c11cbd5d78You may be familiar with some of the popular songs that encompass the emotions behind some of the most classic films of all time. There are many films today where artists have taken the opportunity to reach out and collaborate in a different medium. The production of albums can take years and artists have time promoting their music and spending very little time songwriting and creating. In more recent years, more artists have taken the opportunity to work creatively while collaborating with some of their favourite directors.

If you are a lover of a movies, it would be easy to assume that you are a fan of music as well. Songwriters and musicians have taken inspiration from some of the same topics that are highlighted by directors in some of the most popular films. Some of the most classic films are associated with classic artists such as Phil Collins and Disney’s Tarzan as well as Whitney Houston in the bodyguard. Songs have the ability to remind an individual of a specific scene from a film and create a feeling of nostalgia for listeners.

When this integration is valued and artists collaboration is emphasized, films will be accentuated by the multifaced artistic viewpoint. Not only does this collaboration promote many artistic mediums both for the director and for the musician but it can create an entirely new audience that may not have been part of either’s fanbase prior. Fans of the musician will be interested in the movie and vice versa if promoted properly. Often these sound track side projects supplement an artist’s efforts for promotion and can boost their recognition to an entirely new level.

When filmmakers know how to accentuate their films goals with an artists genre, it can create for one of the most popular and classic singles of all time. These singles are often rewarded and given opportunities for recognition that the artists would not have previously experienced. Artists can only accentuate their impact through collaboration especially in music and film.