Capturing the Music Fan

12bYou are probably a pretty huge hit so you’ll want to give it a shot. It’s hard to ignore some of the great movies that have been released about music fans. Whether it’s Wayne’s World or Detroit Rock City, some of the most popular movies about music has not been about the musicians themselves, but about their fans.

So what makes the fans so interesting? Isn’t it the talented musicians, the wild lifestyle and the wild parties that people want to see? Actually, some of the most popular cult classics are the ones that are most relatable to the viewer. The viewer has not experienced what it is like to be famous or extremely talented or even play in a band. People want to see individuals they can relate to and these music fans that are featured in the world’s favourite music movies have popularized some of the most classic characters.

Why is it the music fan that makes movies so compelling? Well, most people have experienced what it is like to run in the rat race of getting to your favourite band’s show. Live music has been one of the most popular modes of entertainment for years and most people these days have been to at least one concert. It is relatable to see someone putting posters of their favourite band on their wall or calling the radio station a thousand times in efforts to get free tickets. These movies captured part of a lifestyle that many people in the music community thrived on.

The soundtracks to these films were the track lists from every big time fan and the cameo’s were often stars of that genre. Music has always motivated people to get out and do things and when it comes to movies they have become some of the most watched classics.