Music Needs Attention in Filmmaking

13098877_1760108280885349_928341730_nMovies have had the ability to transport individuals to another place and evoke emotion and education through the most popular art form in modern history. The nostalgia encompassed in watching a movie can bring someone back to different times in their life. This emotion provoking medium has always been the most popular and relatable way for individuals to express themselves.

An individual can be taken to another time or recreate an old emotion by rewatching a beloved film. A characters portrayal in a film is often used to relate how someone may feel in a certain situation or explain an individuals motives or actions. Music is often used in the same way. It is used to communicate emotions and relate to each other through mediums that are often understood by an entire population.

Movies and music both have the ability to manifest emotions within individuals and when they are integrated the feeling of nostalgia exists alongside an emotional and visual experience. Musical supplements to a film create the drama and allow for tensions to be expressed throughout the film. Using a variety of mediums in order to manifest an emotional response is the sign of a good filmmaker.

Genres of movies can be understood through the music that has been used to supplement it’s message. It can often be understood what type of movie or what emotion the director is trying to emote through the choice of music. When filmmakers make use of some of the popular artists of today, they are able to promote their film and express their message in an entirely new way to an entirely new fanbase.

Considering all artistic mediums in filmmaking creates those memorable experiences for viewers and using music allows people to connect specific songs and melodies to an overall theory established by the filmmaker. Want to make a movie memorable? Put work and effort into the collaboration with an artist an ensure the genre, theme and content are all understood in order to establish a collective viewpoint.