Repopularize Music Movies

wsstoryMusicals and movies about music have constantly been rewatched, retold and replayed in modern culture for their timeless storytelling and musical aspects. Some of the movies released in the earlier decades have been overlooked and should be rewatched and repopularized today. There have been thousands of movies released in the past hundred years and many of those have had musical collaborations that make them part of the all time classic collections. Don’t forget about some of those possible favourites that just haven’t been repopularized yet and get a hold of these movies to reignite your love of music while experiencing some nostalgia from the past.

Moulin Rouge is one of the movies that was released in the nineties to rave reviews but has not been on some of the most popularized lists today. This movie took modern music of the time and turned some of the most classic hits into romantic musical numbers. The entire movie is captivating from start to finish. Coyote Ugly had a great underground following but has not had the same level of recognition as Moulin Rouge. This movie portrays a struggling songwriter who moved to the big city and is now working at a bar where she dances and sings. These have all been some of the most memorable movies of their decade but have not been repopularized recently. Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston was one of the great features where viewers got a backstage look at the voice that Mark was working with.

There have been many movies that make an effort to put a spin on some of these underground classics but have been unable to get ahold of the natural grit these movies possess. What is often lost when continuously referencing the same classics is the more modern musicals and music based movies have been overlooked in more recent years. If you want to be captivated, go back and pull out some of the classics.