Soundtrack Singles vs. Album Releases

IMG_3917The ability to promote and create awareness about an artists work is one of the most difficult and confusing aspects about being a creator and managing a career. Filmmakers are given the opportunity to create opportunities for creating awareness of a musicians talent by featuring their work in a movie.

When musicians are given the opportunity to work on a soundtrack, it is often a side contracted role and the director has input during the production of the single. The artists collaborate in efforts to ensure that the impact of the film is registered through both mediums and the film as well as the single have a clear and similar representation. Artists often reach out to directors in hopes to be used in future projects because they were previously inspired by their movies.

It is difficult to advertise musicians as record labels seem to only push certain artists into the spotlight. Music is often at the forefront of promotion of films whether it be movie trailers or merchandising. Often one sector crosses over to the other and movies seem to be the single art form that encompasses all genres. Receiving recognition for excellence as a musician becomes difficult and moving into films does give the opportunity for artists to seek out recognition for their work.

In America, the Oscars are the most prestigious film awards which take into consideration the song that best evokes the emotions of the film. If the songwriter for best song receives recognition in this category, they often receive the same prestige in the music community. The song must be original and meet specifications set out by the academy which only highlights the requirement for collaboration between artists to acheive the utmost success.

These venues which were not always considered by songwriters have become a new method for artists to receive recognition, accentuate promotion and develop new creative avenues. It is important for songwriters to explore these types of oppotunities to contribute to their musical success.