Timeless Soundtracks

timeless-soundtracks-and-themes-vol-1Do you remember some of your favourite movies? Most of them have a soundtrack associated that really allowed you to experience every aspect of the film. The soundtrack has become even more timeless than the film in some aspects. Rather than sitting down for two hours to watch your favourite movie, you can experience that same nostalgia through a classic soundtrack.

Have you forgotten about some of the most popular soundtracks of all time? Disney is a prime example of being able to experience the film through the soundtrack. These songs have encompassed the emotion of the film and can transport individuals of any age to remember the classic happiness from these movies. Musicals such as Disney use music to move along the storytelling as well as encompass the emotion but it is important to remember the classic soundtracks that did not play such a strong role in the storytelling but established an emotional reaction associated with the goals of the movie.

Soundtracks are often created from a large collaboration of artists and groups while musicals are often created by a small group of songwriters. Often, the directors outsource these musical contributions and use some of their favourite artists to help them create their vision. A great example of this is Unchained Melody of the Righteous Brothers and their contribution to the movie Ghost has been the one association that people will make immediately and experience the nostalgia of the movie along with the music.

There are several examples of movies being memorable and timeless through their soundtracks and collaboration with artists. Musicals are able to move along storytelling but when the drama of the soundtrack has the ability to evoke nostalgia and emotion, it is truly a work of art. These collaborations are a necessity and provide individuals with timeless pieces of work that can be explored through multiple venues.